That board was sold by all electronics sometime in the early 90's. I know, because I bought several of them. It was some kind of electronic scrabble game. Pretty sure it's this:

I pulled the 14 segment displays and ULN2804's off the boards for re-use and the balance is long gone. All electronics had a habit of selling weird stuff like that; I bought three brand new super a'cans from them for $4.99 each in the late 90's.

As for the "radio shack sound effects chassis", I had been looking for that for a long time. I couldn't find the RS part number, since it was only advertised in a monthly flier, and never in the catalog proper. I did a bunch of ebay searches, but never found it because I didn't remember them calling it a "sound effects chassis". I had bought one when I was 10 or so, and had fun playing around with it, and then one day it quit working. I highly suspect it quit working because I ran it on 9V. The paperwork that came with it said to run it at 9V, which I did, and the PIC (which is a 5V part) got quite hot. I didn't know until after I dumped the ROM from it that it was an actual released electronic game.