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Some cool games in that list! Hope they can all be dumped and emulated.

Do we have any of the other Romtec games dumped already (Frog Prince and Cosmic Invaders)?
Do we even know what chip they use? Anything similar to Colorvision?

Everything on that list should be dumpable and emulatable. Pretty sure they all use with the HD38800 or HD38820 chips.
Frog Prince is VFD, so it likely is also one of those chips, not sure if I still have one of those.
(Actually, just checked the source code- Frog Prince is known to be an HD38800, so just have to find one to dump...)

Cosmic Invaders is LED, sort of like the Entex Space Invader handheld, so not sure about the chip in that one, don't think I ever looked before I sold my collection...

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