Sorry for the OT post. Social media filterbubble algorithms systematically rip all the straw out of people's heads and throw it onto one giant stack til it self-combusts and sets the world on fire. This makes them so harmful and fundamentally different from former flames in old usenet threads (where only fools replied to fools those actively searched for such contents). The monopoly of those bigdata companies is a disease of mankind. Private personal data is not a "new oil" to be dwelled for profit - it's the new plutonium that needs very strict proliferation laws to restrict where it can be sold at all. Social media should be services of public law or collectives based on peer-to-peer technology (like usenet) and not stock companies working as data vampires to sell our souls eh data for profit.

(Better do not trust them. And that is to say, there may easily come a day when (c)-trolls automatically ban all MAME related contents from those platforms and start witchhunting its users through AI based fully automated dissuasion mafia, as soon as desk-doers capriciously decide emulators to be harmful for their sales revenue of new game app ads. - Culture preservation is not crime - it's a human right!)