I would add that social media are badly named... They should be named stalker media because they do everything apart from creating social link between people.
For 2-3 years now, I see young people at 23-25 year-old with social issues when onboarding company teams:
- They don't want to eat with other people of the team as they'd rather eat alone than sharing time with people they don't know since childhood.
- They don't have any motivations to do actual work. They should be given the exact task they should do i.e. something that can be given to a computer... but then why hiring people?
- They do have anxiety when being among a group of more than 3 to 6 people (depending on this young person).
- They don't really like having social time (e.g. coffee breaks) besides interacting through their smartphones.
- They are clumsy in their interaction with new people or when in large groups.

When I was young, my parents always told me not to spend that much time on TV and video games. Now that spending all their time on screens is normal for the young generation and that they've been raised this way, I can say that it's really bad because they don't know how to behave with people they don't know and prefer to remain secluded. Children should really be forbidden from using any kind of mobile screens (smartphones, tablets and laptops) at least until 10-12 year-old to acquire social skills with people outside of their inner social circle.

Not everybody from the young generation are like that but a large amount of them are really like that...

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