The once biggest social media platform Yahoo Groups closed its gates in December 2019 and deleted over 20 years of collected precious world knowledge in the name of moneymaking. This exterminated also many irreplaceable retrogaming, arcade and repair info sites existing since late 1990th.

(Before this culturocide I desperately managed to download a gigabyte content from synth repair and historical computer forums - a drop in the ocean.)

The problem was that many classic forums lost their moderator long ago, and after a cyberattack drowned in thousands of spam postings (often some 100 important texts buried under some 10k spam including p0rn and banned content). While most were in the photos and files folders, each caused a text posting "A new file has been uploaded...", making also the discussion boards unusable, because these messages on top could be only skipped by scrolling down dozens of pages, which deterred all new users and so doomed these forums to die. But instead of automatically removing only spam (which could have been easily automated 99.9% by AI due to the repetitive nature of multiposts), Yahoo tended to randomly erase the entire forum if anybody dared to complain there about spam, which pi55ed off all new serious users until the company made no profit anymore and decided to shutdown everything, replacing with a push mail service by proclaiming that modern users "want" that so.

An erasure of this magnitude is equivalent to the wilful causation of an archive disaster of national importance, and needs to be prevented by law and prosecuted like a terrorist attack destroying major cultural heritage sites. The knowledge loss to the mankind by the extinction of Yahoo Groups can be only compared with the Alexandrian Library burning.
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Such things happen when social media platforms are stock companies; they are neither obligated to their users nor the public but solely their quarterly figures. They behave irresponsible and are not trustworthy in any way as a place for knowledge and culture preservation. Members are not their customers but ware that is sold and kicked out if unsuited to increase profit. That's why I rebel against the presumption that everybody naturally needs to be on Facebook or Twitter to be counted or give feedback to anything. Sorry.