Thanks, RB!

I always liked the Japanese woodcut "woman combing hair" and wanted to try printing it.

It took me forever to figure out how to convert it from a gif on back into macpaint format using linux.

I saved it as woodcut.gif.

So I had to install hfsutils on ubuntu. Then make an 800k image with "dd if=/dev/zero bs=1024k count=800 of=kare.dsk"

Then format that with "hformat kare.dsk"

Then convert it to pbm format with imagemagick "convert woodcut.gif -type bilevel woodcut.pbm"

Then convert from pbm to macpaint "pbmtomacp woodcut.pbm > woodcut.macp"

Then "mount" the disk with "hmount kare.dsk"

Then copy the file to the disk with "hcopy woodcut.macp :woodcut " (colon for the root of the disk)

Then set the file type attributes "hattrib -c MPNT -t PNTG :woodcut " (MPNT is file creator MacPaint and PNTG is file type MacPaint Painting)

Then list the directory with "hls -l : " to check it.

And unmount the disk with "humount"

Then use the macse driver and use the params "-fdc:1 35dd -flop2 kare.dsk" because you need an 800k disk and the mac512k will crash with the 800k 35dd.

Once you've copied the file over to the macpaint disk, shut down and then launch with the mac512k driver without the 800k disk and it seems to print ok.

But the results are worth it 8-)

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