OK, so this just got a lot more interesting: I was able to reproduce the issue on a second separate laptop. I realized I had a laptop I was using to test out the Pop! OS distro on, and I know I had MAME running just fine with BGFX on that as well. Updated that to 0.235, rebuilt, and boom: BadDrawable. The systems are similar, but not identical:

OS_____Ubuntu_______Pop! OS
GPU____GTX-1660 Ti___GTX-970M

And as before, the Pop! OS laptop can run just fine in OpenGL and SDL. Only having a problem with BGFX.

RB, I synced to commit ea3185a when I built master on the Ubuntu laptop, and still have the issue. I have just synced to fc79b73 on the Pop! OS laptop and am rebuilding now, but I suspect the results will be the same. Please advise. Thank you!

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