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I'm also looking at some devices that can use it, but need CMD10 implementing. The device is using SEND_CID to check the CRC to determine whether the card has been changed.

I can do a blind implementation from the spec, but more info helps of course. Is this an open-source thing where I can see the firmware code to make sure I'm giving it what it expects?

The code that sends the command SEND_CID is at https://github.com/hoglet67/MMFS/blob/c4e4c1ba02092a4460b03fc59ead00d60f41d2c2/MMC.asm#L165, it's only interested in the returned CRC. I believe all SD cards have a unique CID so not sure how to handle this and return realistic data.

There's a similar device for the Dragon machines that also requires CMD9 SEND_CSD.

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