I am only not on fakebook or whatever you consider your only true official communication channel. I do not consider anybody an idiot but only expected a sorting mistake. (In a list with thousands of games this can happen easily. I am not into slotmachines; how should I know every single arcade game type on Earth?) I think I found the page now.


New working clones
Pucman [Nnap]
unknown 'Pac-Man' gambling game (set 2) [Nnap] 

That the game had a secret mode switch for nations where import or operation of gambling equipment was illegal is interesting. I expected that the default dipshit eh switch setting of MAME would make it boot into that gambling game when marked so. Or does one by design need to hold down a button during each boot to reveal the gambling mode, so the arcade owner could at any time pull the main fuse of the room in case that cops came and so every machine booted itself into the innocent game?

Or has this not a hidden second game at all but includes mixed game rules like this "Pac-Man Battle Casino"?

Here in Germany skill games with money payout are illegal. So arcade machines can be either gambling (chance games like traditional casino games - those with high amounts per play are only alowed in casinos, "recreational" versions also in arcades and bars) or videogames/pinball (skill games, no money payout, found in arcades). I am not sure about the ticket dispenser things, but AFAIK in Germany a cash prize in skill games is only possible as part of a gaming competition. Our most disputed mixed game type are "Free2Play" online games where virtual items cost real money and often have "loot box" chance game features where the player can win such items (those would be expensive if bought for real cash) and sometimes can be sold for real cash outside the game, despite most online game companies "officially" ban this in their terms of use to prevent legal trouble.

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