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It is a MAJOR disrespect to the game to leave it broken forever…. why is this so hard to fix? What if Arcade 1UP repros the game all F’d up…. I know, YOU DON’T CARE…
Major disrespect to the game? Like, in your mind the game is a sacred deity and it’s blasphemy to emulate it imperfectly? You need to have a serious think about your values.

As for Arcade 1UP, they’ll do whatever it is they do, we don’t control them. They might have a stab at emulating it better, but they’d probably just screw it up somehow no matter how well MAME emulates it.

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MAME is supposed to be a celebration of arcade games, your treatment of a big time hit arcade such as SPY HUNTER, is an absolute INSULT!!

Multicades have insulted the game over and over again by using your stupid code…
MAME is not a celebration of arcade games. MAME is a living documentation project to ensure digital culture is preserved. We’ve succeeded in ensuring that the Spy Hunter ROMs are documented and archived. Be thankful that you can play the original game at all, and not some poor-quality reproduction.

Once again, we have nothing to do with the people selling multi-game arcade cabinets. If they think old versions of MAME are good enough for their purposes, they’ll use them. It seems that no matter how much we improve emulation, they’ll stick with old versions anyway. Even if we were to improve Spy Hunter sound, they’d keep using old versions without the fixes.

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I just don’t understand it, I CAN totally blame you, you created this monster, don’t blame me, I am doing a service to everyone that is in love with the game…. get it straight!!

How dare YOU?
So would you prefer we don’t emulate the game at all, or for the ROMs to fall out of circulation? If MAME’s emulation isn’t good enough for you, you’re free to purchase and maintain a Spy Hunter cabinet. You haven’t paid us for our time, we have no obligations to you. Also, if you’re “in love with the game” to the point that you feel a need to post rants like this, you need to re-think your outlook.