NES roundup—because it's not all multicarts! (Ok, it's mostly multicarts.)

With a code freeze on the horizon I thought I'd share a small selection of things from the past month. Probably of most interest to people would be a couple small bug fixes for Japanese Konami games. One improves the IRQ emulation for a number of games, so you'll not be seeing shaky things like this or this anymore. Things aren't perfect however; there are still the occasional 1-line glitches here and there.

For the diehard collectors of schlock a bunch of unlicensed and pirate fighting games have coincidentally come together this month as well. We have the polished yet poorly playing Street Heroes by Sachen, the reasonably-okay-by-8-bit-NES-fighting-game-standards World Hero, an alright attempt at Samurai Spirits (8 character version) by Rex Soft, the hilariously bad, but must-play Kart Fighter starring big, goofy, poorly-drawn Mario characters, and finally the absurdly bad AV Bishoujo Senshi Girl Fighting—for all your *ahem* AV needs.

These last two games are by everybody's favorite masters of schlock, Hummer Team, and so it's probably worth mentioning that the original Somari cartridge is also now playable in MAME along with those fighting games. Again coincidentally, work on some multicart stuff led to the addition of yet another Hummer game which I'll leave as my parting gifts: intro 1 and intro 2.

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