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You do whatever you want for you locally, of course, but I'm 98.5% certain there is no hardware in the nimbus to detect when a Dx value is written to the command register address and insert a bus delay in that case. So that wouldn't be accepted as-is, unless you have a way to prove there is such a thing.

Because my suggestions for altering the timing of the floppy code where 'rejected' and without them the machine's emulation doesn't work.

The Nimbus does inser 2 wait states in any transaction on the expansion bus (where the disk card is attached), However this only seems to have a significant effect on the force interrupt.

As for the interrupt, the bios uses d0. That's a "gentle" interrupt we're probably running as too harsh, it's d8 that forces immediate stop. So I think we need to let the current action complete if it's a read or a write (not a search), which would probably do nicely with the rmnimbus.
I had implemented the write changes in the wd_fdc code, which seemed to work for writes as suggested in the other thread. I did try with reads but couldn't get it to work.

The timing changes, otoh, why do you need them, what is happening in the bios?
Not the bios but in the 'chipset' which as said above inserts wait states.