Playing a bit with Total Replay and I noticed that it seems to get into a state where you get funky hi-res colors where everything's only purple and green.

It only seems to do this after a DHGR screen gets previewed:

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after a DHGR preview happens:

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./mame apple2e -sl7 cffa202 -hard1 Total\ Replay\ v4.01.hdv

I use the cffa202 since the cffa2 doesn't seem to autoboot.

(Another weird thing I noticed is that I ran Total Replay on mame on a different system and I was able to launch Tharolian Tunnels and for some reason on another computer Total Replay doesn't seem to have Tharolian Tunnels. I type THAR and I get "The Asteroid Field" instead.

Immediately after booting up Total Replay 4.01 I press the right arrow: On one system I get Agent USA, on the other I get 8bit-Slicks. It's really strange as I redownloaded Total Replay and Tharolian Tunnels isn't there. So strange.