ohhhhh ok. Thanks for the info RB, I thought I was going bats.

I see where it will tell you if you have a joystick when it starts up ( -gameio joy )

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

with joystick, 336 games
no joystick, 243 games

(with 64k apple2p and joystick 291 games)
(with 64k apple2p and no joystick 213 games)

and Total Replay also has a joystick tester with CTRL+P and if you have no joystick it says: "NO JOYSTICK DETECTED"

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

and it seems if you want to use the cffa2 you have to use apple2ee (since it has the 65c02) ,

for apple2e (or apple2p) (or apple2 if you type 7 CTRL+P) you use the cffa202 (regular 6502)

Now I understand why:
cffa2 CFFA 2.0 Compact Flash (65C02 firmware, www.dreher.net)
cffa202 CFFA 2.0 Compact Flash (6502 firmware, www.dreher.net)

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