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It would make sense to support such audio tracks through an additional MP3 file since WAV eats much disk space.

It didn't make sense 20 years ago to use MP3 for archival, yet people did it, and in quite a number of cases (even rare prototypes) we're now stuck with awful MP3s rather than quality images.

Quite a few of your posts are now pushing a 'do it wrong because of space/speed/whatever' narrative which is something that has caused more long lasting issues than many other things in the emulation scene.

You're not alone in this, nor is it a problem exclusive to emulation. I've worked a person who had been asked to restore film to a better quality before, and couldn't do it because it turned out that a major company had decided to 'archive' all of their film and audio in cable TV broadcast quality MPEG many, many years ago, disposing of the originals years ago because they took up too much space. For that media, you're only ever going to see new releases that have ugly MPEG macroblocking going forward even when we now we would have otherwise have had the capacity to offer it at a higher quality than consumers would ever have seen back in the day. All because somebody wanted to save a little space.