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But with these 8bit games it simply feels terribly wrong to add a such enormous CPU consumption footprint for a minor sound improvement. It is like seeing your neighbour replacing his compact car with a Hummer that now occupies 2 parking places and protrudes onto half of the bicycle track, and the only answer you get is "Hey, I got this vehicle officially registered as a passenger car, hence I now can park here." When many people with moderate hardware can not realize these games anymore (at least without additional installation of old MAME versions in different directories) this also increases their risk of getting forgotten (even though they stay technically preserved). So please add an alternative simpler sound mode with less CPU consumption.

In case it really hasn’t dawned on you, what you think doesn’t matter. Your analogy is stupid, too. We aren’t going to add samples back, because it would complicate the code and add a maintenance/testing burden by having two implementations. We’re already short on developers. Really, you’re as bad as the spyhunter guy, posting long-winded rants about stuff you already know the answers to. The only thing you might succeed in doing is pushing people away from this forum.