Co's posts are TLDR so I don't know the reason for the slow PC.*
When I was a broke student, I had a Pentium 100MHz back when Pentium 2 was out. I had an AMD K6 something back when AMD Athlon Thunderbird and the first Geforce was out. At least I had a Voodoo1 card so I could play some UltraHLE games.

I picked out emulators for their speed. Nesticle, Genecyst, older version of ZSNES, Callus instead of MAME for the CPS1 games, Raine instead of MAME for the Taito F3 games, etc.
If I was in your shoes, I'd get an older version of MAME, add the 'samples' games to that. Use a newer version of MAME for the other games. Accept that the reason the netlist emulation is slow for you is due to your old CPU.

*Ah I see, paranoia.
Wifi radiation harmful? -> disable it completely in device manager
laptop battery will explode? -> get one where battery can be removed, I have a laptop with Intel i5 and removed the battery (cause it's heavy weight and worn out anyway)

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