This has happened to me many times too, it has been either that emulation is not as far advanced in MAME yet or simply that it has been too slow for mainstream PC:s. I used to get very frustrated over this but has came to conclusion it is much better to document what has been done and either go HLE for that part or wait for MAME and/or PC:s to catch up.

Storage media has always been problematic and no one ever loved magnetic media so I think the general conclusion is that it is ok to convert to a generic formats using external tools and load it on a (slightly) higher level to avoid the PLL level, if it is possible. Eventually someone rewrites/improves MAME:s scheduler or whatever is causing the problem and it will be possible to do the LLE.

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I don't want to leave it as-is but I haven't been able to make substantial progress on emulating the PLL and the other microcoded subsystem clocked by it that actually interact with the floppy drive.

Because I can