First off, I'm NOT a MAME dev, so if my suggestion below is unrealistic or stupid, feel free to leave a simple "GO TO HELL, GLEN!" comment below...


Anyways, This was just posted in the r/mame subbreddit:

The poster honestly didn't know the difference, or at least understand, the versioning system as it is. He honestly thought that 0.37b5 was newer that 0.236.

I've corrected posters before with similar ideas before, and will again in the future. I have no problem with that.

But maybe it's time to make the versioning system a bit more idiot proof? (I understand, they'll just build better idiots - I work in IT and there's truly no amount of simplifying some things)

I'd like to suggest MAME YYYY.MMR

ie: MAME 2022.01

So, 2022 and January in the above example, with R being a revision letter (ie: "A") if a release is totally borked and needs to be re-done.

It's a new year... So fresh start?

Anyways, that's it. Thank you for reading!