Hi guys,

Was watching some longplays on youtube and got inspired to play Datasoft Conan but I had some weirdness with the joystick.

For some reason, using apple2e the joystick isn't working correctly, I can't go up the ladder.

Apple2p works. Apple2c works.

but strangely apple2e and apple2ee doesn't work.

I try a little basic program

100 ? PDL(0), PDL(1)
110 GOTO 100

and it doesn't seem to respond for apple2e. For apple2p only PDL(1) seems to respond. I'm kinda baffled.

I tried total replay and it said no joystick detected and I've got -gameio joy specified.

total replay with apple2p 242 detects joystick
total replay with apple2p 243 doesn't detect joystick

(both self compiled)

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