Total Replay is one of the greatest things since sliced bread. (next to Mame of course 8-)

You still have to hit CTRL+B for Apple Cider Spider Mockingboard sound. In some ways, I prefer the apple speaker sound effects of Apple Cider Spider.

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Total Replay/Battle Cruiser hangs on launch if mockingboard present. Battle Cruiser runs fine without mockingboard.

I think Battle Cruiser was also known as Night Flight.

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0860 sta $f9
0862 jsr $b000
0865 lda $ff
0867 bne $0865 << hangs up here
0869 jmp $8d70
086C lda #$02

MAME debugger version 0.240 (mame0240-126-g38c1791d77
Currently targeting apple2e (Apple //e)

Once it hangs up, if you set memory location FF to zero, it will be able to go in game, but it seems like a lot of the sounds are missing.

Interestingly, if you try to run Night Flight, it seems to run just fine, with more sound effects.

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I was trying to decipher how the mockingboard works and it's made a bit more complicated by the fact that there's a bunch of different versions.

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