For starters, this is my project :
Basically, it will install mame systems, non-arcade or arcade by extracting data from mame and using my own catagorised database.
The catagorised database is build upon the info found on
This means that it's possible to create roms directories especially for catagories like shooter or puzzle.
Upright cabinets can also be installed.
With the upright cabinets there are games/systems that use 3:4 screen orientation.
Games like galaga and mspacman.
For these games I added a 90 degree option.
So when a game is executed from a roms-directory that contains 90º it will rotate the game.

Not all upright cabinet games use 3:4 display.
So here is the question :
Where can I find if systems use 3:4 display.

With that information I want to make a list of all systems that are displaying in 3:4 and eventually add this to my database.
With that information we than know which games belong in the "upright90º" roms-directory.

Does somebody has the answer ?