I was reading the Apple Pascal manual and it said something about using an external terminal (either an Soroc IQ120 or a Hazeltime 1500).

If you put the apple SSC in slot 3 of the apple2p driver, and hook it to the terminal, you can see output going to the terminal. I think that if Pascal finds the SSC in slot 3 it will use it. It won't see it in slot 2.

It shouldn't be too hard to hack on the terminal to make it process IQ120 codes.

./mame apple2p -sl3 ssc -sl3:ssc:rs232 terminal -flop1 ./UCSD\ Pascal\ 1.1_1.dsk -flop2 ./UCSD\ Pascal\ 1.1_3.dsk

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

Also, CP/M seems to use the external terminal in the same way:

./mame apple2p -sl3 ssc -sl3:ssc:rs232 terminal -flop1 ./CPM2.2\(56k\).dsk -sl4 softcard
[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]