I've finally started to read the disks (long story, too many other projects). So far the most interesting thing is the source code to drivers for the ACT Winchester Drives, sold in Australia (sadly the CPM disk was 'unformatted' according to kyroflux)
And a drive with the drivers for the Duncan MAC Donald, INC's DM220 winchester disk. Some track didn't read, but it sure looks like the disk had so little data on it that these tracks don't matter.
The CHS diskette also had some interesting data, but a few tracks early in the disk didn't read, so I need to see if they 'mattered' or not. Preliminary indicators are that it's all junk though.
The 4 copies of DEC's Winchester Utility/Diag disk (BL-W9688-M3) which we have lots of other copies of all seemed to read OK.
This is only a quick sampling of the disks... I'll post a pointer to the archive once I get them all read in...

Also, there's been little to no activity in the last year that I've been away... what's up with that?