I've managed to obtain copies of original LSI-M3 system diskettes. All were 8" single sided format, but still worked in my restored M3, which has 8" double sided drives. I discovered the boot sector of these disks contains a single flag byte that informs the bootloader process (and CP/M OS) what disks the system should have. So I now have the same disks in 8" double sided format, and with partial support for either a 5 MB or a 10 MB "Winchester" drive. I say partial support, because the IDE hard disk driver code in my monitor prom doesn't work correctly with the original LSI version of CP/M. However, I am re-writing the hard disk driver code to emulate a Xebec S1410 disc controller as would have been fitted to a hard disk drive model M3.

[Linked Image from eolith.co.uk]

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