I just got my brand new, "last run ever", "Actually looks like a gun", PC USB light gun, and I can't get it to work. Advice is appreciated.

I hooked it up to my OS9 machine upstairs by the bedrrom, and it won't even go to calibrate mode. But, on the first few clicks, I can see a couple of stray white lines. (running an old Rage Pro ATi Card, probably an interlace issue) Or... USB Overdrive shows no devices at all.

So, I took it down to my iBook in OSX, fired up the video out on my gateway 31 inch monitor in the den. Calibrate mode comes on in 800x600. Cool. Go to USB info on system profiler. There's the gun. Cool. Go to click... Screen flashes white... nothing. No click reported. No mouse movement. Install and look at USB Overdrive... device is there, but indicated as a type "other".

Argh. Pull up a few "known good" lightgun games, and nothing there either.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions before I nag a friend with a PC into letting me try theirs? Is this something I might be able to talk the USB Overdrive guy into recognizing as a "mouse"? Or am I hosed?