Hi Guys and gals,

I'm considering buying an MP3 player, and ended up coming across the rockbox project for old Archos and iRiver players. Those include games, and even a GB emulator that works at 90% speed.

Boom, the lights went on, and then I saw the GMini's from Archos which play Morphun games. And I started wondering what else is out there. My Google searchs haven't been able to narrow out anything.

Dang, now I'm wondering - can I get MAME on a handheld portable (like MAMED on Kodak digital cameras - http://digita.mame.net/)? Maybe even a PSP? I mainly want an MP3 player with a bigass HD, but the prospect of being able to play games on it is teasing me.

Anyone have recommendations? Maybe even a PalmOS device which plays MP3's?