It seems every other week, someone is asking if a certain controller works, or how to make a certain controller work, which to buy, and so forth.

In an effort to better answer these questions (and collect the answers in one place), I decided to start up this topic.

What I'm hoping the members of our community will do, is post short reviews in this thread, based on their first-hand experiences with controllers they own, and if possible, post some "how-to's" for configuring them to work with various games in MacMAME. But please - don't feel obligated to post MacMAME-only results. If you have a gaming mouse or gamepad or some other controller you just have to give a shout-out to, please do so.

We're looking for reviews for pretty much any of the following:
  • Gamepads
  • Adapters for other controllers (ie. PS2, XBox, Atari), and the controllers that work with them
  • Joysticks
  • Mice
  • Light guns
  • Steering wheels
  • Other peripherals (spinners, trackballs, keypads)
  • Arcade controllers

These should all be Mac-compatible, since, well... this is the MacMAME Message Board. And be sure the controller is still available.

Reviews can be short, but useful first-hand information is appreciated. (ie. Don't just write, "Buy it, it rocks!" Tell us the games it rocks with, and how you got it to rock, even if it just rocked right out of the box.)

Also, if someone already posted a review for a control that you own, feel free to add your own experiences as well. The more information we can compile, the better.

Please include the brand and specific model of controller, and if possible, a link to where you bought it.

If we can get enough participation with this, I'll eventually compile the results on the MacMAME Wiki page, so there will be a list of controllers there that people can search through for information about them.

Thanks for your help - and please, don't just assume someone else will do this. If you have a controller - good or bad - write something up!

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