PC Joybox 3 in 1 - Console to USB converter - Playstation - Dreamcast - Saturn

I purchased this converter in order to use my various Playstation and Dreamcast controllers. For "regular" controllers, it works great. HID mapping of almost every item. Sometimes to weird buttons (like #13 and 14, etc.), but all functional.

Despite a new firmware in current models which handles analog controllers better, it has trouble with the Dreamcast Madcatz MC2 driving controller. The steering wheel works, but the pedals cause severe configuration problems (they seem to have a max negative as default, go to zero, and then positive. So they're read, but are uncalibratable inside MAME.)

The Dreamcast Agetec Arcade stick works very well, but again, maps to weird HID buttons. (The stick goes for $40-$50 on eBay and is about as close to a real arcade stick as you can get for that price.)

So, all in all, the 3-in-1 PC Joybox is a good console adapter. For standard controllers, it's a slam dunk. For non-standard controllers, buyer beware. Either way, you might need to use USB Overdrive to map buttons, or face spending a bunch of config time in MacMAME. Expect to pay $20.