Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2

This pad is an update to the all the other logitech Playstation clones and works about as well as all the other ones. The gamepad shows up as a HID device in all games which I have ever tested it on and I have not had any problems with the pad in this regard. The pad uses an RF wireless connection and I have not noticed any lag or connection issues with button presses or analog accuracy. Logitech does not provide any software but the pad works well with USB Overdrive and ControllerMate (older versions of ControllerMate did not work with this game pad so please upgrade). Typically I the 3rd party software to enable mouse use with the analog sticks and setting custom actions such as a quit button in SNES 9X when in fullscreen mode (I created an action which presses ESC and then waits one second before pressing Command Q).

Overall I am very happy with this gamepad. The only cons I have with it is the Dpad is made of one big piece of plastic instead of individual pieces for each direction. This makes pulling off a Dragon Punch with Ryu or Ken a little difficult.