Originally posted by R. Belmont:
Outrun also used to have huts in the middle of the road, among other things. Anyway, the 3 heaviest-to-emulate Sega games from the mid 80s are OutRun, AfterBurner, and Galaxy Force II. If only OutRun is slow out of those 3, you have some sort of configuration problem.
Galaxy Force II runs at an acceptable speed for me with auto frame skip (music is the correct speed and frame rate is acceptable) Outrun and Afterburner are another matter, the frame rate has reduced to near the level of a slide show. I would have thought that Galaxy Force II should be the slowest. I threw out all my previous game config files, org.macmame.frontend.plist and org.macmame.macmame.plist. Is there anything I missed that could be causing this?

By the way does anybody know how to stop the caps lock from flashing in Space Harrier? Is this supposed to be emulating an LED on the original hardware?

*Actually on second thoughts, the frame rate in Galaxy Force is not that good but the audio plays correctly*