Originally posted by benjamillion:
hey dudes, i'm a new member here, and, for the past few weeks i've been having trouble getting some neo geo games to start on the arcade program final burn alpha. an error message pops up and the details given for it say that the asia-s3.rom is required, which is not in the neogeo.zip folder i have. help please?
You'll probably have more joy asking people who know something about Final Burn Alpha. As this is the MacMAME forum, about MAME for Macs, it's not something we're going to be able to help with.

Requesting and providing information about where to obtain ROMs illegally is also specifically prohibited on this forum . There isn't a secret club in the background emailing information to each other; those who want to obtain files are quite smart enough to be able to find them without help from others.

As R.Belmont says, if you can't find 'em yourself, you're not trying.