Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback. It's nice to know there are people out there that appreciate this kind of "obsessive compulsion". I literally couldn't focus on much else for the past month.

Now that it's done, I've been able to sit down and enjoy my creation. I'm really getting back into these old classics. Of course there are the tried and true games like Pac-Man, Frogger, Dig-Dug, etc. But many of the "lesser knowns" I am discovering for the first time (and having great fun with!) like Pooyan, Mappy, Ladybug, and so on...

I'd love to hear what other peoples favorite games are that meet the criteria for my "little" machine (as I'm sure there are several I'm unaware of). The "criteria" is as follows:

て「Vertical orientation
て「Older than 1985 (or at least run off older hardware),
て「No diagonals,
て「No more than one "action" button (or two for a "future" set-up)
て「MacMAME .36a compatible

Thanks again everyone. I will be posting a new thread with some questions relating to my "classic" set-up. I'll do my best to poke around the "archives" first... stay tuned wink

The Time Capsule "A Majestic MacMAME Experience"