Pooyan and Ladybug aren't obscure!!! 2 of my alltime faves!

Ok, so, I've compiled a list of some of my favorite 2 way/4 way games that I've put into a "group by" file for a custom lap 4way controller I built. (gutted a Logitech flight-stick with a fat base andv put an eBay'd 4 way joystick in it wired to the hat stick buttons - freaking fun!)... Here's a few you might try (some like PANG will be tough for the 266...)

amidar 4way
anteater 4way
arkanoid dial-2wayplayable
arknoid2 dial-2wayplayable
asteroid 2wayplayable
astdelux 2wayplayable
bakubaku 4way
borench 4wayplayable
btime 4way
btimem 4way
canyon 1button
carnival 2way
circusc 2way
congo 4way
crush 4way
depthch 2way
diamond 4way
digdug 4way
dkong 4way
dkong3 4way
dkongjr 4way
docastle 4way
dorunrun 4way
dowild 4way
eggs 4way
elevator 4way
friskyt 4way
frogger 4way
galaga 2way
galaxian 2way
gravitar 2way
gyruss 4wayplayable?
invaders 2way
joyfulr robotron
joust 2way
jrpacman 4way
klax 4wayplayable?
krull robotron
kungfum 4wayplayable?
ladybug 4way
llander 4wayplayable?
losttomb robotron
mappy 2way
mario 2way
mooncrst 2way
mpatrol 2way
mrdo 4way
mspacman 4way
myststno 4way
naughtyb 4way
nibbler 4way
nrallyx 4way
pacman 4way
pacmania 4way
pacnpal 4way
pacplus 4way
pang3 4way
panic2 4way
pengo 4way
pepper2 4way
phoenix 2way
pleiads 2way
pooyan 4way
popeye 4way
qbert 4way
qbertqub 4way
qix 4way
rallyx 4way
redalert 2way
ripoff 2way
sbrkout 4wayplayable?
scregg 4way
seawolf dial-2wayplayable
seawolf2 dial-2wayplayable
sgladiat 4wayplayable?
shollow 2way?
skydiver 2way
solarq 2wayplayable
spacduel 2wayplayable
spacefb 4wayplayable?
spacezap 4way
spacfury 2way
startrek dialneedsmorethan2buttons
superpac 4way
tapper 4way
turpin 4way
tutankhm 4wayneedsmorethan2buttons
warpwarp 4way
wow 4way
zookeep 4way