Here's a list of questions related to my " Time Capsule Chewable " set-up on a 266Mhz G3 running OS 9 and MacMAME version 0.36a

1. Very few of my high scores are being saved (the only game that I can think of right now that does is Galaga). I believe I have the correct hiscore.dat file (created 3/26/00, modified 4/3/00). What gives?

2. I've used crlmame on my MacBook Pro to "downgrade" some of my ROMS. However, I'm still having problems with Donkey Kong, Junior Pac-Man and Super Pac-Man. Any thoughts?

3. I'm not getting any audio on Astro-Blaster. Is this typical for 0.36? (I hope not, because that's one of the best thing about that game in my opinion.)

4. Is possible to get the "fast Ms. Pac-Man hack" to work on 0.36?

5. Is there a "vertical" version of Tetris out there? From what I've found, there is a "home-brew" version that's supposed to work with MAME called "Vantris". I downloaded the ROM, but it was not recognized (no real surprise as it may post-date this version of MacMAME).

6. I have an older version of USB Overdrive installed to speed-up the action on the trackball. However, unlike the later versions, there is no way to turn off the "mouse acceleration" which is quite noticeable and distracting when playing Centipede and similar ilk. Is there another way to turn this off?

7. Is there any way to bypass the ROM warning when starting up MacMAME?

8. Is there a way to bypass the start up screens on each game? Is this really necessary or just for show? (Granted it is pretty cool, but sometimes I just want to jump right in and play.)

I realize most people are using later versons of MacMAME, but any help from you "legacy" folks (DaveD?) would be much appreciated!

The Time Capsule "A Majestic MacMAME Experience"