Lately, I've really been into....
Space Invaders
the Marvel/Capcom games
Discs Of Tron
PacMan(and Ms. Pacman)
Ghouls N' Ghosts
Ghosts N' Goblins
Quiz & Dragons(I used to spend hours playing this at 7-11)
Dig Dug
Burger Time
Donkey Kong

Playing the games that I used to love when I was a kid is really awesome and brings back a lot of great feelings. It's really too bad that there aren't too many arcades like when we were little. What with all the XBoxs, Gamecubes, Nintendo DS, and PSPs, people don't really have to go out to play games anymore. The arcades that ARE still left, usually only have really old, crappy games that no one really wants to play anymore(or never did) or games that people DO want to play but most of which are out of order. Too bad. I really loved going to arcades when I was younger. The sounds of the bells, alarms, games, and people yelling and laughing, etc. The really horrible, garish carpet, the blinking/neon lights made you feel so great.

Think about this. Once bread becomes toast, you can't make it back into bread.