Once upon a time on this forum, back when front ends where the hot topic, there was an interesting discussion about an iTunes-style front end for MAME--in which I semi-jokingly suggested that the games would automatically sync with the game player iPod of the future.

Well, today's Apple dog-and-pony show revealed new downloadable games available for late-model iPods, including:

  • é─˙Tetris,é─¨ é─˙Mahjongé─¨ and é─˙Mini Golfé─¨ from Electronic Arts Inc.
  • é─˙Pac-Mané─¨ from Namco Networks America Inc. é─˙Cubis 2é─¨ from FreshGames, LLC
  • é─˙Bejeweledé─¨ and é─˙Zumaé─¨ from PopCap Games, Inc.
  • é─˙Texas Holdé─˘emé─¨ and é─˙Vortexé─¨ developed by Apple

Apple is selling these from the iTunes store for $4.99 apiece.

So I guess the real questions is (semi-jokingly again), when will iMAME be available?