Hi, I'm the author of the mentioned java emulator.

The lame copyright excuse is put a bit out of context here, as I'm specifically stating in the same legal notice that I don't own rights to distribute the games and that it is not legal.

It is not my intention to hurt the copyright owners in any way and the same partly quoted sentence also mentions that I would remove any of their games on request which they (legal copyright owners) would object to.

The thing is, I've been trying to get in contact with copyright owners quite some time ago, explaining the situation that I want to turn it into something legal (even sending them the link to my site) and asking what I would have to do to obtain the rights.
The answer: zippo, nothing, nada. Not from anyone.

This is where the lame excuse comes from, they simply don't seem to care, hence:
"However, please be aware that these games are still copyrighted and I don't own the rights to distribute these games. If any legal copyright owner objects to the use of game(s) of which they have copyright, they can contact me and I will rectify the problem ASAP.
Until this happens, GaGaPlay.com believes that the games are too old and obsolete in the sense that there is no market for them anymore, so the use of the games does not really seem to harm anyone."

However, I'm still considering removing illegal emu stuff from the site altogether unless I find a way to do it legally (without trying to dodge copyright laws, which I think is even more lame than just admitting doing something which is strictly speaking illegal).

BTW, you might want to remove the link to my site here if you feel xarcade did something wrong by sending people to my site.