Originally posted by Brad Oliver:
You'd think for a free game for which I've already seen 95% of the code in the form of the original Wolf engine and the just-released DLL code, this would be a lot simpler.
I agree. smile

The folks at SID , who do Urban Terror, seem a little frustrated over the whole thing. I've been trying to get in touch with them as I know they have good contacts at Splash Damage. They are Very Much in search of a Mac solution at SID.

I'm unsure as to just how interested Activision or anyone at Apple would actually be to get this done.
The source code was released a while ago so I was hoping we Mac users were going to get some kinda port.
Since SID seems the only ones motivated to get out a Mac port, I thought it might be best to confer with them.
I think their resources at Splash Damage could provide the remaining input you need.
When I hear back from them, I'll contact you.
The project coordinator at SID, "Oswald", has always been good about responding to my inquiries.
He's asked outright for help on this so I'm pretty sure I'll hear something soon.