...and you'll probably hope, my last one... ;p

INTRO (I'll try to be quick... wink
Hello, it's the first time I write here and I'm a new MacMame user. I had a look at the threads you wrote in this forum but they are so many and mostly about new MM versions... I just have an iMac using a MacOS 8.6, so I'm still using the MAME version 0.36!
Ah, and excuse me for my Italian English wink

Please don't kill me if someone has already talked about this topic... @_@
I'm looking for a program for checking the roms because at present the 70% of the roms I download don't work and this is quite upsetting above all because my 56K modem takes a lifetime to download 300K...
Some days ago I found out "MacMame Companion" but when I downloaded it from its author's site it didn't work, I suppose because it was a MacOS 9 version - even if actually on the website there was written "for OS 9 and previous versions (last one)" or something like this (if I don't go wrong!)
Anyway, on my Mac it doesn't work :"p
Do you think that to make it work I need any plug-in or I have no hopes at all? Or do you know a place where I can download it from? I haven't foung (ha!) found anything searching through the net...
Lastly: is this the only program that could help me for this matter or do you know any others?
Thank you very much!
;* (don't worry I'm a girl... if I don't go wrong :p He hee! )
GraceJo :bubble: