I bought a USB joystick/controller last week and I am having trouble being able to callibrate it with MacMAME. I am able to get some items to work, but control most items I cannot. The controller is a Game Elements by Gemini (USA) USB device, with a retractable cable that fits under the controller when the cable is not needed. I have been trying to locate an image of what the specific joystick looks like that I have, but haven't been able to find one. The page for Gemini USA can be found at http://www.gemini-usa.com/gemini/index.asp .

The controller that I have is very similar to this one made by Logitech:

Logitech Dual Action Game Pad USB

I noticed that it the controller that I have from Gemini USA is analog also, just like the one above from Logitech. Would this be the reason that I have been having trouble with callibration? I noticed specifically on the information page for the controller by Logitech, above, that it says,

"Play any kind of game with this versatile controller"

Is the controller that I have from Gemini USA different in some way that callibration would be different? Does anyone have an analog controller that is being used with MacMAME, and if so, what are the special steps that I need to follow to callibrate the controller? Or are analog controllers not compatible with MacMAME? I'm hoping someone can be of assistance. I found the controller at a really good price, and it is of good quality also.
In advance, thank you.