I ordered a Mac Mini 1.42 to use as a Game Box hooked to my TV set (s-video) Coming from windows I use Mame 0.90.

1. does MacMame simulate the screens like Windows Mame using the GPU (ie Directx to emulate triad,etc)

2. I noticed that the version for the mac is .87 or .88 VS .90 on the windows, is it behind due to code issues or lack of maintainers?

3. Will my collection of Zipped .089 roms work? I have the entire 0.89 Windows roms in zip format including the picture files etc.. can I just dump those into a ROM folder, images to a snapshot folder etc..?

4. I am buying a trackball for tempest etc.. and I have a Microsoftgamepad which is usb and works on my PC, can I use these for MAc Mame?

5. What kind of performance from a 1.42G4 Mini should I expect VS my 2.4Ghz P4 desktop I currently own? will it run all games ( I know stuff like NFL blitz will not since its slow on my
PC also)

6. The Svideo adapter how is it? any reviews on Mame and a Mini using regular TV sets.

The MAme in my opinion looks like the killer app for the Mini and is the main reason why I bought one, slightly bigger than the Gamecube yet 2D goodness for those tired of 3d games. I wonder if MacMame will get even more support now that the Mini will probably attract Windows Mame users to the Mac platform. I am totally new to Macs. 4 more weeks before mines arrives.