I remember doing a search on my Mac Performa 631 in 1997 for arcade games or something like that and I ran across this MAME stuff. It took me a while to figure out what this was all about but when I stumbled across the entire EMU scene, I was blown away. I have spent the last one third of my life following MAME and I still tell people it's one of the top 5 reasons they need to get a computer.
It's hard to believe 10 years have passed but I am proud to have contributed financially and in other ways (artwork, etc) to help out.
I thought I was so happy when they emulated The Pit, then I was amazed when they added Thief and some very rare games but now I am blown away by the high quality bezels being added weekly.

In fact, I was playing MacMAME while I was waiting to be sent into a courtroom a couple weeks ago for jury duty and someone asked me how I was able to play this arcade game on my computer. I told them I was playing it with MacMAME and they asked how to get it and I showed them. The person was pretty happy and anxious to get out of there ASAP.

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