X-Arcade Duel Joystick - $99.00 USD from Fry's Electronics

I bought this for a Mame "cabinet" setup. The unit came with only a PS/2 connector. And while their website states that only their PS/2 to USB adapter (which they are out of stock) works, I found that the cheap Keyspan PS/2 to USB adapter ($12.99)works perfectly fine.

One very nice feature of this joystick is the ability to fully program it. You are offered 4 configuration settings. The first being a computer (PC/Mac) default setup which cannot be changed. However the other 3 settings are fully programmable/assignable. The only downside is that you will need to have a PS/2 keyboard (which plugs into the joystick on its own port) in which to program it. There are dozens of reviews around the web, most of which revolve around it's usage on a PC. Great build, feel, lifetime warranty, and more buttons then you know what to do with (20 total).

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