a database of dumps already exists (look for bootgod)

EDIT: moreover, taking a look at the no-intro thread [1], it seems someone do not understand that you cannot simply remove headers and run images as they are: NES carts have very different layouts, with different connections, and different ways to be read by the console.

the emulator have to know which kind of emulation apply to the image. it's like emulating different arcade PCB, no more no less.

therefore, you have to put these informations somewhere: iNES images put those in the header, we should find another way (either in an external database, or in an additional file inside the set)

in both approaches, it would be anyway kind to let homebrew programs & tests a way in and not be too strictly focused on commercial games: tests often stress edge behaviour of the hardware and help to debug emulation issues. it would be stupid to simply throw them away from the emulation world

[1] I would post there but I had some problems with my password and I still cannot login...

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