RE: Gorf, those colours on Astro Battle are WAY off - always have been but I've never really thought any more of it!

I have a genuine Mini-Myte machine and can submit video or whatever else if people wish. It's not that the blue shouldn't be blue or anything, it's just that the blue looks nothing like the blue on a real machine. For instance. Also, i'd probably say the same at some of the other colours too. The red maybe?

It's probably a futile exercise though since monitors can all be setup differently but I think my machine is the first I've ever seen where you can actually see the yellow eyes on the green invaders. More often than not the monitors on Gorf's have seen so much use that the colours can be very poor. Oh, yeah, which reminds me, yellow eyes. Not orange :o) Also the scores are yellow, not orange.

I've just been out to check my machine and never bothered to look before but the machine has done less than 10,000 plays since new (coin counters are still connected) which probably explains it's lovely condition!!!