They could indeed.

That person would be me then. When I bought it, it looked crap with lot's of bleeding and all the usual you get from Gorf machines. I even knocked the guy down in price by 100 because i thought the monitor had gone past it LOL!

When I got it back I spent about 2 hours adjusting it up properly and as I say, it now has the loviest picture on a Gorf machine I have ever seen smile Okay, these days (6 years later) it could use a little more adjustment, the screen is getting a bit dark and in particular the yellow is getting a bit dark.

For what it's worth, I usually set the RGB voltage levels, drives and cutoffs properly with a scope as long as the P-P levels are given in the manual. Haven't done that on this one though.

Whatever way you want to cut it though, looking at the Astro Battles level on my cab, and the usual flyer, I see green invaders with yellow eyes and yellow scores, not orange smile

This one as well look:

Yellow, not orange and the blue is much less of a bright blue.

Anyway, just thought I'd mention it.