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crc32 was hacked years ago
why not add some sha1

While I don't think it's worth worrying too much about CRC vandals, a more safe hash function could indeed be desired.

<game ... crc="baaaaaad" sha1="91a009e610b5e2b9776ac540dcdcada6f8cfc507">

Any other hash function to be considered, or will the two do for now?

CRC vandals have gone as far as hacking hidden intros into roms and reverse the CRC back to the proper dump. So I think it's worth worrying.

As R.Belmont stated, the crc32+sha1 combo is secure enough, adding more will just slow down the checks.


On a not related note, will the roms be splitted or still joined?
That's unclear. I favor splitted sets, it looks much better...

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