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The GoodTools have the biggest databases out there as far as I know, but that's only because of all the bad dumps and hacks included with it
That's actually what I like about the GoodTools. I believe that bad dumps and overdumps can still serve a purpose. For example, bad dumps can be tested on real hardware just as well as good dumps, and the results compared to emulators. In addition, if you dump a ROM and a GoodTool identifies it as bad, then at least you know what it is. (And just for the record, I'm not one of those people who must have bad dumps in their collection.)

No-Intro, on the other hand, only identifies the "best" dumps, which seems a little subjective to me. Take pirate NES games for example. In the NES dat only "pirate originals" are included, but pirates hacked from other games are not. I'm pretty sure that many of these pirate hacks have unique mappers that aren't found in other games. Is it really worth excluding these games that have unique mappers?

I can understand why some people don't like the GoodTools, though. If Cowering disagrees with something that a lot of other people support, it won't get supported in the GoodTools. With that said, I doubt Cowering will support iNES 2.0 and the XML idea.

Edit: Sorry, I shouldn't have turned this into a big discussion thread. The point of this thread is to work on the XML format, not give personal opinions about GoodTools...

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