a tales of goodtools fun

a while ago, I renamed a bad dump of JRA PAT with goodsnes
the renamed file: NTT JRA PAT - Wide Baken Taiyou (J) [!].sfc
then I wondered about that [!], what could it mean? bad dump?
I searched the docs and found the shocking truth: [!] Verified Good Dump

At that second I rofl'd under the table for a couple of minutes... why? because the rom has a bad checksum. A damned BAD CHECKSUM. A Verified Good Dump with a bad checksum? Such blatant amateurism is to be commonly expected from TOSEC, but from the glorious cowering? I lol'd.

I then realized the seriousness of goodstuff verifications and deleted the goodcrap for good.

Today JRA PAT is redumped and we have a real good dump with good checksum. Happy ending. grin